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yeah, you will know what you mean to me

don’t try to hide the mistakes i made this time but please try and listen cause i’m breaking my heart tonight so you can see whats inside cause wherever you go, well thats where i’ll go i’d do so much, … Continue reading

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it’s wierd. i had a dream last night (ok, let’s call it a nightmare) where i accidentally ate meat. for those of you who don’t know, i’m a vegetarian. and so that was a wierd dream. and now my sister … Continue reading

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i got a denim jacket 🙂 yay and i had a lovely weekend. with lots of driving. like 8 hours. but it was not so bad. 🙂

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Protected: new beginnings

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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this weekend was… inspiring. — a place in my heart for my home to the west where we’ll watch the same sunsets, and when i doubt.. i’ll look east and lock my heart in a brass box to newfound mass. … Continue reading

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i’ll lift you up, says the angel here

Lights out, poor thing that i am, all along (he’s standing cold in the rain) hello, they call me, I am raging lightning he puts his hand to the air) what kind of verman are swimming on the street tonight? … Continue reading

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I ought to go there on a rocket that never comes down

ever think we should try to re-establish that connection that we made during last summer’s days? maybe I should be subtle or maybe I should be more pure, but I think we should talk about what we were going through, … Continue reading

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