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not too shabby

well, according to a recent report, over 50% of Pennsylvania’s teachers earn over $51,000, while the national average is around $45,000. And 5% made over $80,000. that’s the percentage i’m shooting for. ^_^ well today is the first day of … Continue reading

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jenna and i went to AC Moore this past weekend… i got some new canvas but I’m not quite sure what to paint yet. i’m sure my inspiration will just hit me one of these days. 🙂 painting is pretty … Continue reading

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according to some research done on the brains of Democrats and Republicans, they’ve determined that liberals are more compassionate, but also more cowardly. interesting.

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i’ve been watching lain… it’s pretty cool. kinda confusing, but I’ve only seen the first handful of episodes.

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One thing I love about the Olympic coverage in America is the gratuitus use of epic-movie soundtracks. Braveheart, Gettysburg, you name it, NBC is probably using it. love it..

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If you ever had any doubt as to why America had to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, just look very closely during the next 2 weeks and bear witness to what freedom can do. Watch these nations compete … Continue reading

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