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jenna: do you know what a dork is? jos: you! jenna: besides me, what else could it be? jos: i dunno, what? jenna: a whale’s pee-pee. my girlfriend is so cute. Advertisements

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so i just finally discovered a few days ago that hillary duff and lindsay lohan aren’t the same person. who knew?? 😛

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[Emo Farm] Quicktime 38.2 MB this is pretty funny..

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stolen shamelessly from Movies I’ve seen… *bold those seen all the way through *italicize those seen only parts of *underline those you own or have rented, but never actually watched *add three of your own 01. Trainspotting 02. Shrek 03. … Continue reading

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friday has finally come. jenna will be here in 5 hours or so and this weekend is going to be so much fun! i got up so late today, and didn’t make it into work until after 11. I was … Continue reading

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